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CXS Json Integration Package

Integrating Json Web Services into supervissory systems 

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CXS DAS Json OPC DA Server

CXS DAS Json DA Server for Wonderware Intouch

CXS Json for the Wonderware System Platform

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  • OPC DA support
  • Central configuration and diagnostics in the Microsoft Management Console
  • Integrated logger
  • CXS Json Explorer  for SNMP device scanning and OPC namespace generation
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  • Native SuiteLink, DDE/fast DDE, OPC support
  • CXS Json Explorer  for InTouch tag generation via DbDump/DbLoad
  • SMC diagnostics
  • Wonderware logger support
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  • DI object integration
  • Remote deplyment
  • IDE configuration
  • CXS Json Explorer  for automatic namespace generation
  • SMC diagnostics
  • Wonderware logger support
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DAS CXS Json OPC DA Server
DAS CXS Json DA Server for InTouch
DAS CXS Json DI Objects


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