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Integrate building automation networks

CSX BACnet small

The BACnet protocol

BACnet is the ASHRAE standard for building automation control networks. The BACnet protocol provides a rich set of functions to access real time data  and discover BACnet devices.  

The complete BACnet integration

The ConneXSoft BACnet integration provides a complete set of integration tools for supervisory systems:

  • Data acquisition
  • Application generators
  • BACnet supervisory objects.

The ConneXSoft BACnet data acquisition is fully BTL B-OWS certified. 

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CXSiLink for the i.Lon SmartServer

Integrate LON networks

CSX iLink integration package LonMark US small

The Echelon i.Lon SmartServer

The Echelon i.Lon SmartServer is a device that integrates into LON networks and provides complex web services to access data like:

  • Buiding automation networks
  • Lighting systems
  • Energy monitoring 

CXSiLink - the complete i.Lon integration

The ConneXSoft CXSiLink integration package provides a complete set of tools and application objects to rapidly integrate the Echelon SmartServer into a supervisory system

  • Data acquisition
  • Integrated browser
  • Autmatic configuration upload & download
  • Deployment & rollout support

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Monitor network and device data

SNMP OPC DA Server 3 small

Simple Network Management Protocol

SNMP is an Internet-standard protocol to access data in managed devices on IP networks. This allows allows you to acquire and control data from

  • routers
  • switches
  • servers
  • workstations
  • printers

SNMP is widely used in datacenters.


The ConneXSoft DASCXSSNMP integration package provides data acquisition and SNMP explorer to automatically scan the features of an SNMP device

  • Data acquisition
  • Integrated browser
  • SNMP Explorer
  • SNMP walk
  • Support for SNMP traps

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Web Services & Cloud

Internet of Things


Cloud & IoT

Web services, cloud and the internet of things are technologies that help providing a richer set of functionality and intelligent interoperation between distinct systems.

WebService and IoT connectors

ConneXSoft is dedicated to provide the infrastructure and real-time data acquisition to drive inteernet of things application and cloud services. ConneXSoft connectors can access data from the web (web services) or smart devices and push data to cloud based system. The ConneXSoft philosophy is making the interoperation of these systems easy and intuitive.

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