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CXS BACnet Application Generator

Scanning the BACnet network

Wonderware System Platform

Wonderware InTouch



The CXS BACnet Application Generator discovers all BAcnet devices and scans the namespace (objects and properties), and alarm / trend log settings of each device. The result can be stored as an internal model in XML format.
The CXS BACnet Application Generator is available for these target systems:

  • Wonderware System Platform
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • OPC
  • OPC UA



The CXS BACnet Application Generator for System Platform generates the entire model: objects and attributes automatically.



The CXS BACnet Application Generator for InTouch generates a DbDump file containing the InTouch Access Name and Tag definitions and configures the DAS BACnet DA Server.



The CXS BACnet Application Generator for OPC automatically configures the OPC browse namespace and communication settings of the CXS DASBACnet DA Server.



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ConneXVUE detects and monitors Network Infrastructure:

  • Discovers and visualizes topological network layout
  • Provides a live view of the network
  • Monitors traffic & reports interruptions
  • Provides real time performance analytics
  • Documents the system, all connections and events

Wonderware PlugIn for:

  • Displays
  • Alarms & Events

ConneXVUE Datasheet

ConneXVUE Datasheet

Device Explorer


CXS device explorers connect to devices and discover the internal namespace.


CXS iLink Explorer

CXS SNMP Explorer

CXS Json Explorer

The CXS iLink Explorer directly connects to the Echelon Smart Server using SOAP web services and scans the namespace of the device. The CXSiLink Explorer is integrated in the CXSiLink Application Object for the Wonderware System Platform.

The CXS SNMP Explorer connect to SNMP devices using the SNMP protocol. The CXS SNMP Explorer supports SNMP V1,V2,V3 and traps.Using SNMP walks the CXS SNMP Explorer scans the namespace and  display the hierarchical model using standard or proprietary MIB files.

The CXS Json Explorer connects to Json enabled web services or devices. The CXS Json Explorer scans the Json encoded namespace and displays the model in a hierachical tree view.

iLon Explorer

SNMP Explorer

Json Explorer